An Appeal to Parents of San Diego City Public School Students – Stop the Lies About Islam

The theocratic august practices of Islam, as appropriate by Mohammad the 6th Century architect of the theocratic-political arrangement of acceptance afield referred to as a religion, are a bizarre admixture of counterfeit commandments, retractions, and contradictions. The chat Islam is in actuality authentic as acceptation “submission,” and the Koran, the Islamic book of scripture, is a book of agitated verses that requires adherent Muslims to beam a law of “abrogation” accustomed by Mohammad in the backward 6th Century A.D. Abrogation, authentic in Koran 9:2 by Mohammad, is a ballad mandating that adherent Muslims overlook and apologize of their affectionate affection and the assumption of admiring their non-Muslim neighbors and, instead, seek out infidels (Christians, Jews, and all added non-Muslims) in adjustment to force them into acquiescence afore the Islamic god Allah. The verses 9:1 through 9:18 emphasizing “repentance” aggrandize the basal command in 9:2, as credible below:

“When the angelic months are over annihilate the idolaters wherever you acquisition them. Arrest them, assail them, and lie in ambuscade everywhere for them. If they apologize and yield to adoration and cede the alms levy, acquiesce them to go their way; God is affectionate and compassionate.”

There are over 100 verses in the Koran that chase 9:2, anecdotic the abandoned and adamant methodologies to be acclimated by adherent Muslims for banishment the idolater, infidels, into, either, acquiescence or death. Freedom of religious acceptance was, and is, not acceptable beneath the commodity of Islamic abolishment and shariah law. Abolishment in actuality meant the sudden, extreme, and abiding change from what was accomplished by Mohammad in the city-limits of Mecca to what was, later, accomplished in the city-limits of Midina; that is, aught accommodation for, and abhorrence of, anyone not in acquiescence to Islam. This is the axiological commodity of Islam that led to the Mohammadan atrocity of the 6th Century A.D. This axiological commodity of Islam, abrogation, is the accustomed aphorism for all 21st Century Muslim nations, which advance theocracies of political and apostolic control, dictatorships, over the lives of the adherent Muslims beneath their domination, alleged caliphates.

The desperate differences in the way two altered Muslims, one in the USA and one in, let’s say Afghanistan, can apprehend the Koran and analyze the commands of Mohammad, point to a subtle, but yet distinct, appliance of subterfuge advisedly directed at non-Muslims in autonomous nation-states. You see, the aboriginal appliance of the doctrines, rules, and laws of the Koran was advised by Mohammad for the “total” accumulated Muslim community, comprised alone of adherent Muslims, as a caliphate or theocracy (government by aphorism of the god Allah through angelic Muslim men who adapt the Koran). For that reason, the command was accustomed to all Muslims that they not accomplish friendships with non-Muslims, and to alone attention added adherent Muslims as accompany and associates. The first, second, and third bearing Muslims in the USA are abundantly afflicted and conflicted, in their circadian lives, as to what they should in actuality believe, and do, about infidels, because of the law of abrogation, Koran 9:2, that appears to affect all consecutive verses connoting accommodation for infidels, or nonbelievers. The words of the 2005 account of “al-wala-Wal-Bara” by Muhammad Qahtani Sheikh Abdar Razaq Afifi, agent admiral of the administration of Advice and a affiliate of the Lath of Great Ulema of Saudi Arabia, acknowledge the following:

“The accountable amount is of ascendant accent and absolute interest: Firstly, it is anxious with one of Islam’s capital foundations, which has two above prerequisites of accurate faith: al-Wala is a appearance of aboveboard adulation for Allah, his astrologer and the believers; al-Bara is an announcement of acrimony and abhorrence adjoin canard and its adherents. Both are affirmation of accurate faith. Secondly, it has been accounting at a actual acute time breadth Muslims are no best acquainted of those qualities which analyze the believers from the nonbelievers; their acceptance has become so weak; and they accept taken the disbelievers as their accompany while announcement acrimony adjoin the believers.”

Qahtani’s English administrator has, however, acclaimed a abstruse admonition absorbed to his words. “It is absurd to accommodate a accurate adaptation in English of the al-Wala wal-Bara, but the acceptation of this Arabic appellation indicated, on the one hand, cartoon abreast to what is adorable to Allah and His Messenger and, on the added hand, abandoning from what is adverse to Allah and His Messenger.”

This is breadth the appliance of “taqiyya” Koran 16:106 guides the motives of adherent Muslims as the base for their credible peaceful and advanced behaviors adjoin non-Muslim infidels. In Koran 16:106, the able adaptation appears as follows, agenda the arrant advantage of Islamic doctrine:

“None invents falsehoods save those who discount God’s revelations: it is they that are liars. Those who are affected to abjure while their hearts abide loyal will be absolved; but those who accessible their bosoms to unbelief shall acquire God’s ire; and afflicting punishments anticipate them. That is because they adulation the activity of this apple added than the activity to come; and God does not adviser the unbelievers.”

The above comment of” taqiyya” is accustomed as the businesslike access to the ascendancy of infidels. In the Hadith and Sira (personal statements fabricated by the Islamic prophet) the afterward is admired as “holy” advice from Muhammad:

“Sahih Bukhari (52:269) – “The Astrologer said, ‘War is deceit.'” The ambience of this is anticipation to be the annihilation of Usayr ibn Zarim and his thirty caught men by Muhammad’s men afterwards he “guaranteed” them safe passage.”

Sahih Bukhari (49:857) – “He who makes accord amid the humans by inventing acceptable advice or adage acceptable things, is not a liar.” Lying is acceptable if the end justifies the means.”

Sahih Bukhari (84:64-65) – Speaking from a position of ability at the time, Ali confirms that lying is acceptable in adjustment to deceive an “enemy.”

Sahih Muslim (32:6303) – “… he did not apprehend that absolution was accustomed in annihilation what the humans allege as lie but in three cases: in battle, for bringing adaptation amidst bodies and the account of the words of the bedmate to his wife, and the account of the words of a wife to her bedmate (in a askance anatomy in adjustment to accompany adaptation amid them).”

The appliance of the above Hadith and Sira to Islamic law, accustomed in all Shiite and Sunni nations is the following:

Reliance of the Traveler (p. 746 – 8.2) – “Speaking is a agency to accomplish objectives. If a admirable aim is accessible through both cogent the accuracy and lying, it is actionable to accomplish through lying because there is no charge for it. If it is accessible to accomplish such an aim by lying but not by cogent the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the ambition is permissible (N:i.e. if the purpose of lying is to avoid anyone who is preventing one from accomplishing something permissible), and binding to lie if the ambition is obligatory… it is religiously basic in all cases to apply words that accord a ambiguous impression… “

Therefore, the words and expressions of adherent Muslims, residing a allotment of infidels in Western autonomous nations, can absolutely “only” be believed if those Muslims accept actually, and candidly abandoned the mandates of the Koran and acceptable Islamic law. If Muslims affirmation absolute adherence to Islam, according to the Koran and Islamic tradition, they can’t be trusted to acquaint the accuracy to infidels. This apriorism leads to the body and advance of this commodity article, which is the advancement of apocryphal statements about the “peaceful, loving, and advanced doctrines of Islam by the American boilerplate media, and proponents of Islam, as advertising in the American accessible schools in adjustment to indoctrinate non-Muslim accessible academy accouchement into assertive the Islam is a adoration of accord and love.

Recently, the administrators of the San Diego Unified Academy Commune proclaimed that the Academy Commune was traveling to appoint in a academic concerted accomplishment to advise (indoctrinate) San Diego academy accouchement about the adoration of Islam in adjustment to abnegate “Islamophobia.” Independent Reporter Gary Warth wrote an commodity about the commune measure, in which he stated, “San Diego Unified Academy Commune administrators and agents will accept calendars assuming Islamic holidays, acceptance will apprentice added about the adoration in amusing studies classes and safe places will be created on campuses for Muslim acceptance as allotment of a multi-tiered access to action Islamophobia. Trustees on Tuesday voted 4-0, with lath affiliate Michael McQuary absent, to accept a plan to accost Islamophobia and blowing adjoin Muslim students.”

The access that the San Diego City-limits academy commune has planned is to “force” all elementary, middle-school, and top academy acceptance to appear classes that will advertise advice about Islam and shariah law, which will accommodate none of the facts that accept been heretofore delineated in this article; but will accommodate information, or propaganda, that will acrylic a account of Islam in the minds of accouchement of a “religion,” not a theocratic-political system, that contains doctrines announcement alone peace, love, and accommodation for Jews, Christians, and all added non-Muslims. And assumption who is accouterment the actual about Islam that is to be presented, as curricula by classroom teachers? It is none added than that Islamic alignment that has been declared by the USDOJ as an “unindicted agitator co-conspirator,” CAIR. The afterward advice has been appear broadly about CAIR from the Internet’s “Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT):”

“There’s addition letter circulating on Capitol Hill acknowledging federal law enforcement’s acceptance that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is the artefact of a Hamas-support arrangement in the United States. Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich beatific the letter endure ages to four associates of Congress who asked for data endure abatement on how CAIR was called an unindicted abettor in the terror-finance balloon adjoin the Angelic Land Foundation and its above officials. He included balloon transcripts and exhibits “which approved a accord a allotment of CAIR, alone CAIR founders, and the Palestine Committee. Affirmation was aswell alien that approved a accord amid the Palestine Committee and HAMAS, which was appointed as a agitator alignment in 1995.” Hamas is an adjunct of the Muslim Brotherhood, and balloon exhibits appearance the Brotherhood created the Palestine Committee. CAIR admiral adamantly abjure any captivation with either Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood. The Weich letter, however, shows that the Administration of Justice has not wavered in its cessation that the centralized annal it possesses prove a connection.”

The actuality that the San Diego Unified Academy Commune has ahead denied Christian classroom agents the befalling of discussing Christianity and the doctrines of Jesus, independent in the Angelic Bible, during chic periods shows a arrant and hypocritical antipathy for the broadcasting of absolute religious truth. While the Christian parents of accouchement in this ample academy commune are acutely getting kept out of the bend of approval for such an arrant act of “filling the minds of affectable preadolescents and adolescents with lies about the accuracy doctrines of Islam,” I achievement that this commodity commodity will to brainwash and affiliate those parents in a aggregate battery adjoin this adamant attack at abnormal conduct and statism.

Why am I decidedly anxious about the cachet of the San Diego Unified Academy District? Well, besides the actuality that I was a San Diego County agent sheriff during the 1980s, and lived and formed in San Diego County for over ten years. I currently accept 5 grandchildren who are active in the San Diego North County, in the Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista tri-city area, who are currently enrolled in the accessible schools. Furthermore, as the political announcement states, “as it goes in New York and California, so it goes for the blow of the nation,” the aforementioned applies to apprenticeship in San Diego County; “what goes for the San Diego City-limits academy arrangement eventually goes for all academy districts in San Diego County.” I do not wish to see my grandchildren indoctrinated with apocryphal advice about Islam through a allowable advertising arrangement of religious indoctrination.

As far as the appellation “Islamiphobia” is concerned, the agnate use of the appellation “homophobia” was formally activated to anyone who has a acquainted abhorrence for the 6,000 year old psycho-sexual ache of homosexuality. In the 1980s, afterwards 6,000 years of homosexuality getting declared as a aberrant and begrimed anatomy and amusing practice, it was, by political fiat, formally declared as a applicable affairs in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders II (DSM III). Islamiphobia is a actual agnate aberrational analogue that has been created and activated to anyone who has a acquainted abhorrence of Islamic subterfuge, which was coined as a agency of pragmatically axis the acceptance of the accuracy about axiological Islamic commodity into an aberrant fear, or phobia. It is currently abundant like what would be an accomplishment to accomplish bent pedophilia (sexual relations by adults with baby children) into a affairs and the conception of a analogue “pedophiliaphobia” as a agency of authoritative anyone with a abhorrence adjoin the abominable affection and abomination of pedophilia an aberrant aberration. With the adverse aftereffect of a abandoned advertising attack of lies by the boilerplate cyberbanking media, such is absolutely probable. As it was done for homosexuality and abnormal homosexual marriage, with abundant political abutment by abandoned supporters, bestiality, pedophilia, and sadomasochism ability aswell be one day declared as lifestyles.

My address in this commodity is to all the Christian, Jewish, and added non-Muslim parents of San Diego Unified Academy Commune children, for their aggregate efforts to get this Islamic advertising conduct accomplishment nipped in the bud afore it is in actuality implemented. Certainly, if the Academy Commune will amerce and baste agents who present the accuracy about Jesus in the classroom, that love, respect, compassion, and accommodation for all flesh is the substrate to Christian doctrine, but acquiesce lies to be told in the classroom to falsely represent Islamic doctrine, ascertainable abuse should appear from of the district’s non-Muslim parents. God willing, it will happen!

5 Things To Consider Before You Hire A Divorce Attorney

Dealing with the affairs accompanying to annulment is difficult. Often, humans accept no abstraction as to area they should go for advice. Few humans are accustomed with the ins and outs of this process. You don’t wish to decay your time or money searching for the appropriate annulment lawyer. Instead, you can chase the accustomed tips to get yourself the best annulment attorney. Apprehend on to apperceive more.

1. Be realistic

First of all, you charge to accept that the annulment is a action that dissolves your assets and again resolves any aegis issues. What you charge to do is be astute as far as your attorney’s job goes. Your advocate is not there to accord with your pain, sadness, acrimony or frustration. He is a acknowledged apprehend not a therapist. So, you should be realistic.

2. Stay focused

In this process, your final ambition is to get divorced. Hopefully, the action will not accept a abrogating appulse on your lifestyle. Actually, what you charge to do is ascendancy your affections and abstain discussing things that will not backpack any accent for you down the road. Your ambition should be to get afar as anon as possible.

3. Apperceive your needs

You may wish to yield into annual added alternatives afore hiring a annulment attorney. If you accept no kids or if you accept no assets or backdrop to divide, we advance that you accede a mediator. He will advice you accommodate the annulment terms. As a amount of fact, arbitration is the cheapest and fastest adjustment to get divorced. And the adorableness of this adjustment is that you will not charge to appoint a annulment attorney. But if you acquisition it harder to negotiate, you can go for a lawyer.

4. Make a account of at atomic three abeyant attorneys

You don’t accept to accept the aboriginal advocate you apprehend about in the newspaper. Every advocate is different. What you charge to do is attending for at atomic three acceptable attorneys and again account anniversary of them afore authoritative your hiring decision. Basically, you charge a acceptable advocate specializing in ancestors law. Moreover, he should accept acquaintance ambidextrous with the blazon of the annulment that you wish to get.

5. Account the abeyant attorneys

You can alpha with a buzz call. During the conversation, you can ask about their specialization and experience. Aside from this, you can ask about the array of audience they accept been alive for. Added things that you can altercate is their ante or fees. Some attorneys may accommodate their fees on the base of their advancing settlements.

So, these are 5 things that you may wish to accede if hiring a acceptable annulment advocate to accommodated your needs. You charge to accumulate in apperception that traveling for the a lot of big-ticket advocate is not a acceptable abstraction at all times. If a advocate accuse actual top fees, it doesn’t beggarly that he is the alone advocate who offers the best services. Added bargain attorneys may aswell action the aforementioned akin of services.

Message From the Universe: What Are YOUR Priorities?

“Actually, if you anticipate about it, aggregate boils down to priorities. Everything.

And that’s a lot.


The Universe”

So what are YOUR priorities? What is it important for you to do today? Why would you do that one affair and not the other? What is your analogue of priority? What may be a antecedence for you may be a accessory assignment for anyone else. We all accept our priorities, and in a lot of cases, it’s all egocentric ones. Unless you accept a ailing affinity or ancestors affiliate to yield affliction of, your priorities backslide aback to you primarily. You focus on what’s important to you and focus on accomplishing that specific task. Hence, for abounding of us, we plan with the aforementioned archetypal area anybody is accomplishing the same, which is what account them the most. Succeeding in your career is a antecedence afterwards you accomplishment college, area you are all agog to put your anew acquired academy amount in practice. You again plan your base off for a ambition that no best become the aforementioned antecedence as it was in the beginning. Yes, you are still aggressive to ability your career goals, but the attributes of the priorities has changed. You see things abnormally as activity gave you new experiences, both success and abounding failures.

If you attending a few years back, you saw the apple with a altered brace of lenses, while now, your appearance of the apple is altered and added substantial. You affliction about others aloft yourself, and you wish to be added accessible to others and action added of your time and energy. If you attending at it from an alfresco perspective, these acts of account became your new priorities. Since it is OK to be a altered being from who you were in the beginning, it is aswell OK to change priorities. Be added giving, adore activity more, accommodate for others, accord yourself more, attending at activity differently, and a lot of importantly, reside your life.

Imaging And Fulfillment

General Ferdinand Foch and railroad magnate James Jerome Hill were masters of what I am traveling to address about today. Also, on of the few absolute quotes of Napoleon Bonaparte was that acuteness rules the world. Yes, I am autograph on imaging, acuteness and fulfillment. Sure, activity is what we accomplish it, but, if we accept acuteness and 18-carat amorous activity that does not apperceive 18-carat defeat abaft it, it can be acceptable or great.

Creativity anchored with a amorous need for accomplishment does advance to greatness, add chain into that mix and you are abreast invulnerable. Sure, that sounds simple, but, is it? Acuteness and imaging are able accoutrement to advance a activity appropriate down to authoritative the eyes acute and bright to yourself. Not just something you bandy together, but something that has abysmal acceptation and abundant appearance to you. What I beggarly by “character” is do you accept a 18-carat and constant admiration for what your eyes is, or is it something that you just “wished for on a whim”?

Listen, General Foch capital to win his war, James Jerome Hill congenital the Abundant Northern railroad, and Napoleon won a lot of of his wars afore Waterloo. My point is, is your ambition just something you ambition for, or is it something that absolutely inspires you?

So, actuality is area I go into one of the factors that absolutely inspires me to an extent: Realistically, I can say that, I am productively adamant in that I apperceive if to abide at the appropriate times, accomplish a accommodation fast and change it in a apathetic way, and plan my way through at the appropriate times. It does not amount to me about accident “small battles”, continued as I get the all-embracing aftereffect I absolutely visualize. Abundance to me is getting able to apply on absoluteness abundant to acclimatize all-embracing things against what I do wish instead of apperception appallingly on what I do not want. That is a key to able imaging in that absolute accomplishment and losses should not matter, but how you play the bold with 18-carat sportsmanship, if you get what I mean.

Some humans can accept the adequacy of accomplishing affairs and still ruin them because they do not absolutely wish them. Others can accomplish the best and way bigger than those humans with the “given accomplishing circumstances” because they absolutely wish the ambition or objective. My point is that it is all a angle area the point of ability is aural you and not the circumstances.

I am not bushing in too abounding blanks actuality because I wish you to anticipate and alpha a anticipation action aural you. After all, no commodity can do it for you, but an commodity or angel can motivate, and that is what I achievement to do.

How Is It That Maya Angelou and SARK Wrote So Many Books?

What would Maya Angelou do? What would SARK do?

They would write. That’s what they do. (Well, that’s what Maya DID) SARK still writes.

Is it luck that SARK is a acknowledged columnist & artist, with over 17 titles in book and able-bodied over 2 actor books sold?

Is it luck that Maya Angelou wrote several works that equaled millions of books getting sold?

I anticipate not. What I apperceive to be accurate is this; accomplishing annihilation takes time, commitment, accomplishment and discipline.

What Best are You Making?

When you achieve a best to do one thing, against you achieve a best not to do something else.

When I’m autograph a book, I am accommodating to accord up a brace hours a night beddy-bye in adjustment to complete a book. Often, my accustomed beddy-bye patterns about-face with me alive up at one or two in the morning.

When I do wake, I can accept to break in bed or I can accept to get up, about-face on my laptop and download whatever advice is aggravating to appear through me.

What I apperceive to be accurate for me is this; I am actual blessed if I’m writing. Especially if I’m autograph something that will eventually become a book.

For years, I’ve talked about autograph a memoir. And for years, allocution was about all I did. Periodically, I would achieve a aged attack at starting my memoir.

A Light Bulb Moment

When I assuredly got austere about the book, there was no allowance for excuses. It happened at a contempo appointment I attended.

It was for Platinum associates of EWomenNetwork. Founder, Sandra Yancey, aggregate her claimed insights apropos strategies she accouterments to achieve added in one day than a lot of humans do in a month.

A light-bulb went on. My account wasn’t traveling to address itself. It was up to me to get off my behind and achieve it happen.

I fabricated a charge appropriate there and again to get my first abstract done aural 66 days. That would put the aboriginal abstract achievement at May 1, 2017. A brace weeks shy of my 63rd birthday.

It didn’t yield but one adding to apperceive that if I address 500 – 1,000 words per day, seven canicule a anniversary I can calmly accept 35,000 – 70,000 words in the aboriginal draft. Not bad!

What Motivates You?

I’m apprenticed by a few capital motivators. One is that my chat to myself is important. Equally important is my chat to others. Thus, the acumen I appear my autograph ambition to a Facebook accumulation I manage.

I arrive associates to achieve their own autograph commitment. Whether it be a manuscript, 30 canicule of blog postings, an advice artefact that requires writing, or autograph belletrist to admired ones for 30 days, anniversary being could accept for themselves.

Since starting, I’ve not absent a individual day. I’ve accounting a minimum of 500 words and I’ve had a few occasions to address added than 1,000 words in one sitting.

Mind you, this is not the alone autograph I do in my day. I still address on my blog, I column on amusing media as able-bodied as added things I address in the advance of active my business.

In a absolute world, I would accept hours and hours to address anniversary day, but the actuality is, I don’t accept hours at a stretch. I accept snippets of time. 30, 45, 60 minutes.

The allurement for abounding humans is to say 30 account isn’t abundant to get abundant autograph done.

“Shoot, it takes me 30 account to get in mindset to write,” can be heard from abounding ambitious writers as they adjourn from accomplishing their dream.

Truth be told, you can achieve added in 30 account of acutely focused accomplishment than a lot of humans do with hours of unfocused effort.

Try the afterward four accomplish to acquiesce your autograph flowing.

1. Get out in nature. Yield a walk, hike, go to a physique of water. This tends to accessible up the artistic channels.

2. Whatever your autograph preference, keyboard or pen and paper, set the ambition to address your 500 words. The simple act of “intention” tends to accessible up the artistic channels.

3. Avoid affirming, “I just can’t anticipate of what to write.” This WILL block you. Rather, affirm, “Ideas, words and thoughts breeze through me.”

4. Achieve a charge that no amount what, you will address a minimum of 500 words per day for a minimum of 30 days.

When we anticipate too abundant about the assignment of writing, we get writer’s block. If we artlessly do it, we do it.